ABVista is a leading international supplier of food ingredients. This company employs more than 100 people worldwide and currently sells to more than 50 countries.

Phibro Animal Health

Phibro Animal Health is a global supplier of proven ingredients and science-based technologies to the animal feed industry.

Celtic Sea Minerals

Celtic Sea Minerals specializes in the development, manufacture and marketing of natural pet food and hygiene products.

CID Lines

At CID LINES, we are convinced that hygiene is health. And that health is in turn the key to increased profitability and sustainability.

CHR Hansen

With offices in thirty countries, CHR Hansen is a global company founded in 1874 by a pharmacist named Christian D.A. Hansen.


Manuchar aims to be a worldwide leading and innovative distributor and service provider to the animal feed industry by offering our customers a wide range of products and ingredients.

Cra-Vac Industries

Cra-Vac Industries has been a pioneer in promoting quality ingredients since 1985. This company has many years of experience.

International Stock Food

Choose International Stock Food to experience highly specialized formulas.


At Difagri, we develop nutritional solutions designed to meet the needs of animals and their breeders.