A multitude of services, from manufacturing to transportation, as well as bottling.
We are DCL.

  • Distribution

    DCL distributes with the help of our professional team and our internationally renowned suppliers the highest quality non-medicated animal additives, such as enzymes, probiotics, prebiotics, minerals, disinfectants and aromatic compounds and plant extracts all across Canada.

  • Manufacturing

    From our own range of natural additives to the tailoring of your customized products, we offer a product of the highest quality according to the most stringent standards and conformities of the industry.

  • Storage

    Thanks to major investments to optimize its storage infrastructure, DCL is becoming one of the most important distribution centers at the cutting edge of technology.

  • Packaging

    Our packaging service allows you to rely on a trusted partner who will be attentive to your needs, to provide you with an efficient and cost-effective solution throughout your supply chain. Our professional service will accompany you to ensure quality and service to meet your requirements.

  • Bottling

    The dynamism of DCL has resulted in the acquisition of innovative technologies and the construction of an ultra-modern factory capable of meeting growing demand in the field of specialized bottling. Our team is trained to serve you well and to ensure the quality and integrity of your products.

  • Transportation

    By relying on a reliable and competitive partner network, we offer our current customers worldwide scale a state-of-the-art integrated logistics service.